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    In my experience as a nurse, I somehow was always at home when the snowstorm and hurricane hit.  But I was thinking about uncertainty and will share part of my childhood experience.  I grew up the child of a single mother, a soldier in the Army. When ...

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    ​On October 19th 2019 , we will be out in the Harrisburg area in teams of three to get signatures to confirm a need for our a Nurses Charter High School.  We will be going out from 10 AM- 3 PM and could use some extra hands.  If you are able ...

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    I am a retired RN having 45 years in active practice, who was a supervisor for OP MH community program for over 25 years. I have been retired for approximately 5 years and I have recently been made aware of the MH field staff who have no masks or equipment ...

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