Marie Sedlak

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I'm a Warren County native, and Youngsville High School grad. I loved music, (singing, band), languages, and hanging out with my grandparents and friends.

Growing up, I knew I wanted to work with people, to teach, and wanted to be able to get a job... that was my goal at the ripe age of 18!
Nursing has taken me places that I hadn't expected, some really cool and some not so cool.. like any profession. I did not like undergraduate school much so didn't plan on going further. 
However, after 20 years, I met a friend in grad school for PsyD. I enrolled in a course for school nursing and discovered I loved learning and graduate level courses. I went on for my Master's in nursing at Widener and became an NP. 
I gravitated towards geriatric, behavioral health, palliative and hospice care and got a certification as an Advance Practice Palliative and Hospice NP.
My most recent job was at Saint Francis in Wilmington Delaware, where I was able to build and develop the Palliative Care program.  It was the best place for colleagues that I have ever worked, and we were able to make many positive changes for the patients, families and Saint Francis.
My new chapter is in Austin Texas, where my husband is now working. I am keeping my PA license as I expect to return.  I'll let you know what is around the corner!