Ms Adenike Adeyemi, BSN, RN

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Adenike Adeyemi. RN, MSN working as  nurse manager a nurse manager in an acute rehabilitation/LTC (Long Term Care) in Philadelphia PA. I had my basic nursing and midwifery program in Nigeria West-Africa. I graduated as a nurse/midwife in 1995 and was working in LTC (Long term care) facility. I worked with Bayada Nurses as a home health aide and as a CNA (certified nurse aide) and with New Courtland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center between 2003 and 2006. I strife so hard to get job with the hospital but I was never hired. I did not allow this to discourage me so, I kept on studying for my text after CGFNS evaluated my foreign nursing credential. I became an LPN in 2006 after taking NCLEX-PN and while I am still leaving in Philadelphia, I went to New York to work with LTC facility through staffing agency while still leaving until I transfer my license to Pennsylvania my license to  At 2007, I obtained my RN license after taking NCLEX-RN test and at 2008, I decided to obtain bachelor’s degree with Immaculata University which I thought would help me change my working environment but it did not happen still. I once taught at an PITC LPN school as an instructor and I am a good resource and mentor at my current job.

I thought about climbing more on the ladder of nursing and I obtained my MSN-Ed with Grand Canyon University in 2016. I am currently in a DNP program with this same school. I love what I do as a nurse even though it wasn’t my heart desire but I always give God all the glory making me what I am today.